Sunday, March 4, 2012

Orange Living Room Design Ideas

Living room orange
Living room with a dressing of orange accents will certainly create an impression of warmth that makes your guests feel welcome with the atmosphere of familiarity and friendliness. So as to create a fun atmosphere. The orange color is the right choice that you can use to create an impression of warmth while providing the feel cheerful that make residents feel at home when he was in the living room in your home. In addition, the color orange is also able to provide alluring touch that makes your orange living room look more attractive.

Orange Living Room Design Ideas

Yes, you can try using an orange color to spruce up the orange living room so attractive impression that brings exciting atmosphere. The orange color will stand out and to create a life that surprising when applied as an accent or vocal point. Well for that, the color orange can you combine with other colors such as beige base color / background of the living room.

Apply cream to the elements forming the start of floor space, the entire side wall to the ceiling. Shades of cream will make your living room at home looks soft, lightly impressed and bring a sense of calm comfort. Not only that, the cream can also give a sense of flexibility for you and your guests when they are in it.

Furthermore, you can make life seem more creamy color with orange accents present. For example through the existence of a combined furniture sofa table from the glass material. With orange accents, the living room becomes warmer, bring cheerful atmosphere that improves mood, and that certainly look attractive living room. For other furniture such as cabinets, shelves, table corners, or accessories to your living room can sweetened brown paste.

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